API encapsulation

Artificially constructed from the same organic phospholipids that make up cells and biomembranes, liposomes are a drug delivery alternative for both hydrophilic and hydrophobic drugs. Fujifilm formulates liposomes harnessing nano-dispersion technologies developed over 80 years of photo-film manufacturing.

Tumor Targeting

Liposomes provide a delivery system that carries the required amount of a drug to the specific area of the body. Because of that, one potential application for liposomes is anti-cancer formulations. Studies have suggested that liposomes are delivered to tumors through the enhanced permeability and retention (EPR) effect1. As a passive targeting mechanism, EPR allows the accumulation of drugs within the tumor tissue thanks to immature, highly permeable vasculature and ineffective lymphatic system that allow efficient extravasation of such macromolecules.

1 Yingchoncharoen P., Kalinowski D.S., Richardson D.R. 2016. Lipid-Based Drug Delivery Systems in Cancer Therapy: What Is Available and What Is Yet to Come. Pharmacol Rev. 68(3):701-87.

Fujifilm’s capabilities

  • Lipid synthesis: synthesis and optimization of generic and original lipids.
  • Logical optimization: application of molecular dynamics analysis for liposomal shell formulation tailored to specific payloads.
  • Manufacturing: stable production of liposomes of homogeneous shape and uniform size.

Our services

We believe in the power of collaboration

We are seeking the following partners:

    Companies interested in developing liposome formulations based on existing APIs
    Companies seeking process development and/or analytical development services for existing liposome formulations
    Companies in need of GMP manufacturing capabilities for liposome drug products

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