Nano-dispersion Technologies

FUJIFILM chemical expertise and nano-dispersion technology enable the modification of APIs particle size and size distribution, which consequently result in more stable, soluble chemical formulations.


Nano-dispersion can be applied to different APIs, including oral medications, injections, eye-drops, and topical medications.

One example of nano-dispersion benefits is that particle size modification enables a chemical compound to be filter-sterilized. This is a considerably mild process compared to heat sterilization, and consequent API degradation.

Moreover, chemical particle size reduction could increase compound permeability, which, as an example, could potentially eliminate the use of skin irritants, such as ethanol, as a solvent for topical drugs.

Partnership strategy

We are seeking the following partners:

  • Companies in need of technical solutions to improve solubility and/or bioavailability of chemical compounds.
  • Companies in need of technical solutions to improve stability of drug substances.
  • Companies with other formulation issues.

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