Peer-Reviewed Publications and Conference Presentation

FF-10850ConferenceASCO 2022: A first-in-human phase 1 dose escalation study of FF-10850 (liposomal topotecan) in patients with advanced solid tumors. | Journal of Clinical Oncology (

FF-10832ConferenceASCO 2022: A phase 1, first-in-human, dose-escalation and biomarker trial of liposomal gemcitabine (FF-10832) in patients with advanced solid tumors. | Journal of Clinical Oncology (

FF-10832ArticleA physiologically based pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic model for disposition of FF-10832 – ScienceDirect

FF-10832ArticleA Liposomal Gemcitabine, FF-10832, Improves Plasma Stability, Tumor Targeting, and Antitumor Efficacy of Gemcitabine in Pancreatic Cancer Xenograft Models. Pharm Res. 2021 May 7.

T-705ArticleVascular Leak and Hypercytokinemia Associated with Severe Fever with Thrombocytopenia Syndrome Virus Infection in Mice. Pathogens. 2019 Sep 21;8(4). pii: E158.

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FF-10502ConferenceASCO 2019: Phase 1/2 trial of FF-10502-01, a pyrimidine antimetabolite, in patients with advanced cholangiocarcinoma and solid tumors.

FF-10502ConferenceAACR 2018: A novel antimetabolite, FF-10502-01 exhibits potent antitumor activity via inhibition of both DNA replication and DNA damage repair in solid tumor cells

FF-10502ConferenceAACR 2017: First-in-human phase 1 trial of pyrimidine anti-metabolite FF-10502-01 in patients with advanced cancer

FF-10502ArticleFF-10502, an Antimetabolite with Novel Activity on Dormant Cells, Is Superior to Gemcitabine for Targeting Pancreatic Cancer Cells. J Pharmacol Exp Ther. 2018 Jul;366(1):125-135.

FF-10850ConferenceAAPS PharmaSci360 2019: Development of Pharmacokinetic-Pharmacodynamic Models for Tumor Growth Inhibition and Neutropenia after Administration of Liposomal Topotecan Injection, FF-10850

FF-10850ConferenceAACR2019: FF-10850, a novel liposomal topotecan, achieved superior anti-tumor effects and a favorable safety profile via preferential distribution followed by dual payload release mechanisms in tumors

FF-10832ConferenceASCO 2019: A phase I dose-escalation and immune biomarker study of intravenous FF-10832, liposomal gemcitabine, in patients with advanced solid tumors

FF-10832ConferenceAACR 2019: FF-10832 combined with immune checkpoint blockade shows favorable anti-tumor activity

FF-10832ConferenceAACR 2017: Liposomal gemcitabine, FF-10832, improves gemcitabine (GEM) pharmacokinetics (PK) and increases anti-tumor efficacy

FF-10832ArticleFF-10832 enables long survival via effective gemcitabine accumulation in a lethal murine peritoneal dissemination model. Cancer Sci. 2019 Sep;110(9):2933-2940.